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How we work

Our working procedure is divided into these steps so that final output of project is of quality.


The main propose of the documentation process is to build the clear goal and objectives for the project. It also creates a clear road map of the project and defines the Key Success Factor for the measurement of the project. The documentation procedure looks for two secnario.

Building the documentation from Scratch.

  • Performing need analysis of the client through series of practical questions.
  • Converting the answers to the functionalities of the website.
  • Checking the documentation with the client for his response.
  • If everything is all right we start the project otherwise make the correction required.
  • Start the project after the correction.

Understanding the documentation provided by the client.

  • When the client have their own documentation, we study the document
  • Make technical analysis of the requirements
  • Find and define  the critical phase of the documentation and understand the   phases of the clients business

Implementation Process

In the implementation process we tend to concentrate on clear and consistent coding process with maintainability in mind.

Coding Standard MVC Pattern

Model-View-Controller (MVC Pattern):
The coding process is done in MVC pattern. This provides flexibility in your website by isolating the parts of your business so change management is easier and hassle free.

In layman's term, lets say we will keep all the codes in separate relevant boxes and we label the boxes, so when we need to change a functionality, or throw a functionality out, we know exactly which box to open without affecting any other boxes.

Basically the coding is seperated into

  • Model:
    The Model part describes the business logic of the problem. It encapsulates core data and logic. Model is often related with the business logic of the application. It knows all the data that needs to be displayed. It is always isolated from the User Interface (UI) and the way data needs to be displayed.
  • View:
    The View part describes and present the problem to the user with the mental model with user can understand and take some action to it.  It normally uses read-only methods of the model and queries data to display them to the end users. It may be a window GUI or a HTML page. View encapsulates the presentation of the data; there can be many views of the common data.
  • Controller:
    It acts as a interacting glue between models and views. It accepts input from the user and makes request from the model for the data to produce a new view. 

Quality Control (QC)

Quality Control begins from day one, before the coding procedure.

  • Commented Codes
    • The codes function are kept in descriptive comments. This assures that programmers who work in the website in future wouldn't have any difficulty adjusting to the codes from day one from weeks.
  • Defensive Programming
    • We imphasize in writing defensive code with appropriate assert and filtering code at any possible lose point of website.
  • Testing
    • A comprehensive module is formed for testing. We use this module to test for inconsistency in the system before the delivery. Each project has a different set of testing module depending on the type of website like, e-commerce, travel and tours website or an Real Estate Website.

Deployment Process

CodeArts Nepal believes in connecting with the client during every phase of the project. During the documentation phase, we develop milestones as well as modules for the business. Each successive module development is kept in the demo server of CodeArts Nepal for review from the client. The review process is divided into three parts.

Review for client

We give our client a link for the access of the development of the project in our demo server. Each successive change can be accessed as soon as we have tested in the local server in our office. 

Comment from client

We look forward to comments from our clients after the review. We welcome comments whatever it be. We believe in truth, and clients direction, as its your business we are taking online.

Change or Go ahead

The comment leads to modification in current output of the modules or we go ahead with the module of the website.


Delivery of website prerequisite is an approval from the clients after the testing procedure. The website is uploaded in the clients server and a copy of website (i.e. codes, database and the design) is zipped and uploaded in a server for the client to download.


Search Engine optimization has become an essential component of the website. In order for better presence in the web, we organize the primary SEO for the clients. The SEO involved the following components which helps in better ranking. The client can also check from the tools that we provide in our website, if your website has been properly optimized for the SEO. We would help you setup.

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Meta tag and Meta Description for website contents
  • Design Tableless Website layouts (Search Engine Friendly CSS base Layouts)
  • Help you define .htaccess files and robots.txt Files

Support and Maintenance

After development support is required for the probable bugs that escaped the Quality assurance. Bugs can appear, that's why this support phase is crucial for any website to run smoothly. In practice we haven't have to give support after a month of the website launch. The support is divided into two packages.

General Support

This comes with all our web service. We give a free bug quashing service for a year and also teach your personnel on how to use certain function or usually when there is a change in staff we facilitate to teach your staff on how to operate the website functionality.

Custom support

Custom Support are for the website, who tend to upgrade the website regularly with changing business function to make your website more efficient. There are processes in maintaining your database with changing pattern of your website's clients to make the preferable function more easier and efficient.

Other support is to analyze your website and increase value to your business. Please contact us at on how we can make your website effective and efficient.