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Web Developement & Working Procedure

CodeArts Nepal can help you define the right web strategy for your business, avoid common mistakes, address any issues that need clarification and put the plan in action. Normally we are hired to design and implement websites, what distinguishes CodeArts from other services is we understand the whole process of web business. From initial idea, business plan, launch, funding, profit, right through to exit strategy.

We Specialize in

  • CMS (Content Management System) base Website sites.
  • E-commerce Websites.
  • Real Estate Websites.
  • Joomla, Drupal, Magento Implementation including creating customize modules and templates.
  • Application / Plug-in Development for various social websites like Facebook, My-Space, Twitter.

CodeArts Nepal web development process makes your online presence more competitive, become stronger in your business domain and enhance your capability to manage the global business.  Our building process gives you scalability and flexibility thus creating competitive advantage for your business.

Web projects can be complex, involving significant amount of business strategy, goals and objectives as well as time, money, people. CodeArts Nepal provide support, maintenance, content update services so that you can concentrate on running your business while we an look after websites.

We believe that successful web implementation depends on usability, service quality. Many people believe that using latest and greatest technology will make or break a project.

But our experience has taught otherwise. Technology is only a tool which need to be analyzed, weight and used as service demands. Some projects require simple solution, while others require more complex solution.

We also like to assure you that while creating website we give equal importance to make sure that website follows all the web standards, usability and accessibility.

Web standards.

    Web standards can make your site more usable and accessible.


    Usability can help your visitors quickly get the information they need from your website.


    Accessibility refers to how usable a website is to people with disabilities. In some cases, it is a legal requirement.

Working Procedure

The development process starts with gathering data about your requirements and the beginning of the learning phases for both the client and the developers. We believe that with partial knowledge we can’t achieve the result that you require from your business. Your representative would also be given the view of available technology in hand to mould your product and basically CodeArts Nepal plays the role of a catalyst to bring around a powerful tool for your business.

The development process would be integrated with your constant feedbacks during the online meetings. When the completion of beta version the web development it is tested rigorously and then transferred to your server. We would be giving free support for two months as an assurance of our quality.

Flow Chart of Working Process